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If you are looking for Lone Star Barrels that sold a custom barrel to you at a fair, etc, we are NOT that company....we are a family affair in Austin and Fort Worth that sell plastic rain barrels and totes.
Lone Star Barrels
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Helping Central and North Texas be GREEN. 

Whether you are trying to go green, find new things to enhance your eco friendliness, or just want to try cool new gardening tricks...I hope you find our products helpful.

We take 30 and 55 gallon drums used to transport various products such as soap and food products, then recycle them to become useful items in your garden.

My dad showed me how to build the rain barrels and I was amazed that I could recycle and create a great way to capture the precious rain water that we lack in central texas.

In the last few weeks my dad did it again and showed me a way to do something else that is super cool for my garden....use these same drums to create a potato barrel!!!  Wow I honestly didnt know how to grow potatos and now I can do it with ease.

Last for now is the one thing I've wanted for some time and now I can use this type of barrel to get one, a compost bin.  I plan to get the components soon to  build a compost bin and give this new product a try.  Then I want to see if I can give my plants a little extra love with fresh compost.

I have to say the more I research on the internet, the more cool ideas I find to recycle these barrels.  This saves them from more then likely becoming large plastic drums filling landfills or piled somewhere doing no good.

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